segunda-feira, dezembro 07, 2015


NAVIGATOR - "Phantom Ships"
Here's a review of NAVIGATOR and it's latest CD from "Phantom Ships" Eric Harabadian. Thanks Eric! The latest release from this Buffalo, New York quartet further solidifies their prog-rock cred as one of the leaders of the genre. First of all, it's great that the original members Marcangelo Perricelli (keyboards/lead vocals), Michael Soro (guitars), Rick Catanese (bass) and Rob Thurman (drums.vocals) are back in the fold. And the writing and arrangements are dynamic, sharp and breathtakingly precise. Perricelli has a voice that falls somewhere between Saga's Michael Sadler and early Dennis DeYoung; eloquent and distinctive. That's evident from the first few bars of "Life". The song ripples with an early Ambrosia kind of feel going through a series of thematic changes and resolving to a majestic coda. "Open Air" is another track that recalls classic Styx or Rush and its larger than life Sonics and enveloping atmosphere. At over 15 minutes the epic title track appropriately takes center stage. This is the gold standard in terms of momentous rockers as Perricelli creates a sea of sound via his keyboard-based Masterson Symphony Orchestra.