sexta-feira, dezembro 04, 2015

The Room Ticket Offer, New London show

Firstly a huge thank you to those of you who pre-ordered the album, we hope that they arrived before launch along with the signed card. Oh and the feedback we have received on the album has been brilliant, thanks again. We are delighted to tell you that Beyond The Gates of Bedlam is now available from the store on our website along with two new design t-shirts:

We have all sizes of shirt in stock from S to XXL and each one ordered before Christmas will come with a free, very limited edition, badge! If you prefer to use Amazon, then you can find the album here:
As you may have seen we are opening for the rather wonderful Lifesigns at The Robin2 on Sunday 24th January. We have a few "band" tickets which we can make available to our Roommates at just £10 each (a saving of £5 per ticket). If you would like to buy some from us, please contact who will assist with the payment process. It's going to be a brilliant night and we look forward to seeing you there!
On the subject of shows, we are thrilled to announce that we will be playing The Borderline in London on Wednesday 10th Feb. Yes we know it's a school night but we will be on stage reasonably early and we are pricing it at just £5. Ticket details to follow soon. Support for this show comes from the wonderful Doris Brendel.
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