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(London, England) -- Ginger Gilmour, artist, humanitarian and ex-wife of Pink Floyd founder David Gilmour today announced the release of her book, "Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon."   The book comes from the soul of Ginger, a sculptor, spiritualist, and mother of four as she recounts her life's journey as a former model, and wife of one of the most famous guitarists in pop music history.

But it's not a tell all, "For me, this book is the end result of an adventure that I had the opportunity to take when I was just a young girl of 22; to see and do things that most women of my generation could only dream of."  Ginger continues, "David and I were young and in love and through that experience of being his wife, having four children and also developing as a woman, I feel only gratitude for what my life was and for who I am today."

The self published book, available for purchase: (http://www.angelscript.com) is a marvelous and heartfelt journey of yearning, love, self discovery and triumph.  Fans of Pink Floyd will enjoy the "all access" pass by reading about the beginnings of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and the iconic performances of the Wall, the tension between band members, all through the lens of Ginger's experience.

Readers will also be inspired by Ginger's "coming of age" story and her journey of realizing her own life's path through her art, her awareness of spirituality and the teachings she shares about life through three decades. 

Her story is a tale for all people seeking to know themselves but also a story about a woman who grew up with the limited parameters defining womanhood in the late 60's to embracing her independence as a woman of the new millennium and all that falls in between.

"I love my life, the good, the bad, the ugly; each experience opening up new doors for me in realizing my worth, my spirituality, and how that applies now to my artistic sensibilities," adds Ginger.  "I don't believe at all in holding anger, I believe that each thing that happens to us is a divine message in fulfilling our personal destiny. Accepting Life as it is and then making it special is my motto. Giving that knowledge back is how I contribute, and that is what this book is really all about."

Ginger's unique path took her from a small town in Michigan to life in London and abroad meeting such "friends" along the way as Graham Nash, George Harrison, Bob Geldof, and Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason and others that are mainstays of our pop culture lexicon.

 The book is a hardcover that includes many never before seen photographs of Ginger and David, their children and her original artwork inspired by her life.

ABOUT Ginger Gilmour:
Ginger Gilmour is an artist who resides in London.  She is a former model and ex-wife of Pink Floyd guitarist/singer/songwriter, David Gilmour and the mother of four children: Alice, Clare, Sara and Matthew Gilmour. Ginger is also a spiritual teacher and humanitarian dedicating her time and talents to many causes as well as appearing at Conferences around the world that help as she says, "Lift up Humanity".  

"This is the true story of my life and how I was challenged, survived and resurrected, like the fabled tale of the Phoenix, rising out of the ashes on a journey...A true story of how a child of adventure became a world traveler...and a seeker on a magnificent path...I call it a journey to the Bright Side of the Moon."  


Memoirs of the Bright Side of the Moon