sexta-feira, março 18, 2016

KONG remixes first album ‘Mute Poet Vocalizer’

With much pleasure we present to you the release of brandnew mix of the first KONG album 'Mute Poet Vocalizer'.

The original album was released in 1990 by Peaceville Records (UK) and to celebrate this 25th anniversary Dirk de Vries (former KONG guitarist) remixed the album from the original mastertapes.

Mute Poet Vocalizer was recorded in two days in a 'live' set-up, with each musician in a corner of the room playing simultaneously onto 16 track tape. These recordings have been digitized and remixed with modern techniques and an up-to-date approach.

World wide digital release March 18th on iTunes or Bandcamp
or pre order your copy of the limited edition black vinyl via PledgeMusic 

A few quotes from 1990 - 1991 reviews:
"Let's just say that this album could be the beginning of something huge!"
"This is one of the strongest musical statements from a band of this style in years" Metal Forces (UK, dec. 1990)

"The Dutch four-piece speak volumes in their revolutionary non-verbal way"
"They can really twist the mind from black to white and back again"
"Kong know exactly what they want to do, and it has something to do with screwing your mind up" Metal Hammer (UK, jan 1991)

"Lovers of the crooned word will be unprepared for anything as inspired as the voice-devoid 'Mute Poet Vocalizer'." Sounds (UK, jan 1991)
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