quarta-feira, março 09, 2016

News for BETRAYING THE MARTYRS : The recording of their new album has now officially started !

Is back in the Studio to record their new album and
talk to you about that !
It is with great pleasure that we announce the entry into studio of the bandwhich is preparing to record their new album which will be the third of hiscareer.
This new album will be recorded by Justin Hill (Sikth, Bury Tomorrow, Heart ofa Coward...).
Here is what they say: "We can finally focus fully on the recording of thisalbum by having the best possible with the best pieces ever written. We havelearned from our previous albums, what works and what does not, the choicesto be made etc... We can assure that this album will be the best, heaviest, mostepic and to move on, the best production Betraying The Martyrs has ever had.
"Thank you all to be loyal, we look forward to the adventure with you."

You can follow them on facebook : BetrayingTheMartyrs
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