quinta-feira, março 03, 2016


In 2003, three musicians put their love for Thrash to work in order to formSKOX, and they all work hard to offer a Metal music of the highest quality. In 2010, the current line-up takes shape as the band's first official EP is released.

Since then, Skox has always endeavoured to go further and further into their will of perfection.  Moreover, the band has always wanted to have this passion come to life on stage. Their forceful efforts led them to share the billing with Napalm Death, Hatesphere, Loudblast, Destinity, Blockheads,  Mumakill, No Return and many others during festivals such as the Sylak and the Ragnard Rock  or other Metal events.

 Now, let's talk about today's  achievements and especially the most important one : the  album "Years of Legions".  The album was recorded and mastered at the Sonovore studio. This 10-tracks album affirms Skox's identity throughout their influences and their Thrash (from the 80s to nowadays) inspirations.
SKOX wanted rough vocals, edgy guitars, a resounding bass guitar and fluid and massive drums to be wrapped into a catchy musicality.

"Years of Legions" could then be seen as the battle they have been through to be where they are now.