segunda-feira, março 28, 2016

SAHONA, new album "SAHONA"

The band was created in the south of France, by guitar player and singer Charly Sahona (leader of progressive metal band VENTURIA) who was about to release a solo album . The first member he asked to join him was his friend, drummer Stéphane Cavanez. Both musicians have collaborated on diverse creative projects and have been bandmates in a cover band for a long time. Guitar player Fabien Paraillac, who already produced some songs for the duo, joined them and later, bass player Cédric Artaxet, rounded out the team.

 At first, Charly made them listen to his own compositions. But, right away, the chemistry seemed obvious after playing, performing, working and arranging the songs as a group. He proposed then to present the whole thing as a band project.  The album was recorded in the spring of 2015 and was mixed during the following autumn.

 SAHONA's melodic rock music is characterized by its blend of metal, progressive and electro, where two guitar virtuosos are exchanging solos and uniting on heavy riffs over a very efficient bass and drums section.

Settled down on mysterious, spacy, powerful, torn and passionate climates, the melodic vocal parts are evolving, with lyrics that deal with introspective themes, such as spirituality, psychology, frustrations and turbulences of love.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine