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Doogie White & La Paz - track guide by Chic McSherry // interviews

The sophomore album by the British band Doogie White & La Paz is now available both in Europe and the United States. „Don't Drink with the Devil", the first track promoting the album "The Dark and the Light", is still available to stream on Metal Mind Productions' official YouTube channel in THIS location.
The album gets enthusiastic reviews both from media and fans. Here is a review done by the user of Amazon.co.uk:
"La Paz aren't and never were in the mainstream or in the 'big sellers' league, so why try or buy this? Simple really, it's a real good collection of songs, predominantly rock, on the hefty side. New and fresh sounding material can be hard to come by in the rock world and hats off to Doogie White here, who has spent most of his singing career belting it out with some of the best heavyweights around, so what's he playing at here with his original band, La Paz?
Well, there are some seriously good musicians at work here; phenomenal drums + killer bass from Paul McManus and Alec Carmichael. I haven't heard a better tighter rhythm unit than this for a long time, big names or not. Great guitar work and co-writing from Chic McSherry, probably his best ever. But possibly the final nod goes to some superb keyboards from Andy Mason that nail the mood in certain songs. It's not all my kind of style, but the way the keyboards and guitar get it together on Lonely Are The Brave is probably a high point, although I keep creeping back to familiar territory and ramming up the volume on Little Black Book of Songs."
And today you can also read the album track guide by Chic McSherry which is available in THIS location.

Scottish vocalist Doogie White came to the attention of the worldwide audience when Ritchie Blackmore asked him to be the lead singer in his reformed Rainbow. They recorded one album together - "Stranger in Us All." Doogie would go on to sing with Swedish neo-classical guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen for over a six and a half year period, record two albums and tour the world. He also recorded four albums and toured with Cornerstone and is currently the lead singer of the legendary  N.W.O.B.H.M. band - Tank.

Doogie White & La Paz - line-up:
Doogie White - Vocals
Chic McSherry - Guitar
Alex Carmichael - Bass
Andy Mason - Keyboards
Paul McManus - Drums
Doogie White & La Paz on-line:
Doogie White & La Paz - The Dark And The Light
Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. no.: MASS CD 1471 DG
Barcode: 5907785037892
Format: CD DG
Genre:  Hard Rock
Release date: 27.05.2013 Europe / 04.06.2013 USA
1. Little Black Book Of Songs
2. Don't Drink With The Devil
3. Old Habits Die Hard
4. Burlesque
5. The Good Old Days
6. De la Luz
7. Devil in Disguise
8. Lonely Are The Brave
9. Shadow Of Romance
10. Sweet Little Mistreated
11. Men of War
12. The Fallen

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