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Never stopping 'Frogs': after the recent new remastered edition of the CD "Nosferatu", the participation to the prestigious Italian Progressive Rock Festival of Tokyo – which guaranteed the Japanese distribution – and after the gig for the Marillion Happening Fan Club in Italy, the band is once again in studio and ready to talk about their new visual and musical project inspired by the cult movie "2001: A Space Odyssey". 
The rock progressive band RanestRrane (literally Weird Frogs) is in studio for the production of the new rock-opera "2001: A Space Odyssey", which will see the release of three parts/(CDs) inspired by Kubrick's cult movie …and the first news say that Steve Rothery (Marillion) will be guest guitar.
It looks like RanestRane lately are in particular good creative shape with projects always of a very high standard, like Space Odyssey and like the recent participation to the "Italian Progressive Rock Festival" in Tokyo the 27th of the past April, where the band executed together with the Italian 70ies prog guitarist Enzo Vita, for the first time live, all the tracks of the seminal symphonic rock album "Contaminazione" (1973 – RDM), with a full orchestra on stage in order to offer the original sound of this masterpiece which was produced by Luis Enriquez Bacalov (Oscar Prize for the original music of "Il Postino" – 1996).
But this is just what you can see of the iceberg called RanestRane, an atypical and prolific band in the Italian music scene. A rock progressive band that, even without being popular in their country, is able to export records and live performances offering an innovative and multimedia kind of approach in the production and live gigs tailoring their music to the movement of the images on screen. In fact is their idea to produce and perform what they named CineConcert.
What is exactly a CineConcert? It is the live performance of a music show with the accompaniment of the full screening of a cult movie. But don't make the mistake of thinking It is a new soundtrack to an old film, this is instead a proper Rock-Opera inspired by and built on the rhythm and suggestions of the images and theirs narration. The original sound is almost completely substituted by the music and lyrics of the RanestRane songs, only in few moments the original dialogs come back interacting with the band sound to emphasize the moment, guiding the spectator following the story but with a new spectacular approach. With the dialogs of the characters getting thicker and integrated by the lyrics and the narrative background, the story itself gets new and unexplored points of view.
The idea of creating music for CineConcerts develops from a first intention of dealing with the production of a rock progressive concept album with Italian songwriting inspired by the cult movie  "Nosferatu The Vampyre" (Werner Herzog - 1979). From that point naturally grew the need of having some images narration to accompany the music but, for a very basic and practical reason of cost, instead of producing new images RanestRane found themselves working on the original film, trying to "create on It a new musical clothe, an opera that could possibly make think that the movie was created for our music and not the opposite"; three years later NOSFERATU THE VAMPYRE - rock opera – 2cd - was born (and recently remastered and printed for the third time). Nosferatu CineconCert gets good reviews from the very beginning, in 2008 the Rome Cinema Festival hosts the performance and the following year the same show goes back on stage supported and funded by the main Rome Universities La Sapienza  and Roma Tre for the use of multimedia and high cultural value of the opera.
The second project produced and performed couldn't be less of an engaging challenge: SHINING - rock opera – 2cd (inspired by Stanley Kubrick's movie) where we can find "music which is not melodic anymore, orchestral or 'open' like we found 'Nosferatu the Vampyre', here instead the music is aggressive, psychedelic, claustrophobic, still maintaining the song formula, the sudden changes and the continuous succession of the instrumental and singing parts typical from RanestRane". Like Nosferatu Shining gains interest straight away but only outside the mainstream circuits and brings the "Frogs" touring with the CineConcerts concept in UK and Italy, being guest in prestigious events of the like of "Live at Ercolano Mav", in the Archaeological Museum of Ercolano, supported by the EU within the "Carta Kubrick" Exhibition dedicated to the director.
Waiting for the release of "2001: A Space Odyssey" rock opera, RanestRane are available for interviews on the idea and development of the new project and They are also fishing for new partners, booking agents and labels, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if interested.

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Nosferatu The Vampyre and Shining Live:
Promo Shining
Promo Shining 2
Live Shining extract:
Live Shining in UK (Wolverampton) with English film dialogs (extract)
Live Shining in UK (Wolverampton) with English film dialogs (extract) 2
RanestRrane are:
Daniele Pomo: (drums, voice, percussions, programming, winds) teacher and coordinator c/ Saint Louis Music Institute (Rome,BR), music composer for TV and theatres.!daniele-pomo/cqsg
Riccardo Romano: (Keyboard, programming, Harmonium, Celtic Har) from 2007 Riccardo is the pianist of the FANTASIA show, for which He is producer and music curator, still performing nowadays.!riccardo-romano/chyn
Massimo Pomo: (Electric, Acoustic, Classic guitars) teacher, composer, He has collaborated for the realisation of several TV soundtracks for the two main Italian national channels (Mediaset and RAI) with maestro Pintucci.!massimo-pomo/c90v
Maurizio Meo: (Bass guitar and Electric bass) teacher, composer, his activity as a professional starts at the end of the 80ies with collaborations with the Italian seminal label Nuova Fonit Cetra for the realisation of soundtracks both as an author and as a musician.!maurizio-meo/c24q7
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