quarta-feira, junho 19, 2013

Heavy Soul & Rock n Roll Outfit Z-STAR Bring You 16 Tons of Fun.

To hear Z-STAR is to feel alive. A truly sensorial band led by enigmatic front woman Zee Gachette. To see Z-STAR is to have your mind blown and taken to another cosmic dimension. Pow!

This band rock with so much raw funk, sexualized soul and blues rock passion that it's basically impossible to be unmoved. On this 16 Tons EP, they demonstrate a heavenly sonar-scape of dynamic intensity and bass heavy riffs led by a spiritually possessed androgynous powerhouse in the form of Ms Zee Gachette. Like Ziggy Stardust, Hendrix, Tina Turner, James Brown, Otis Redding, Lenny Kravitz and more recent hints of Beth from Gossip and Alabama Shakes, through to Weller and The Clash. This music transcends the decades and sits perfectly into the category of 'great music'.

Rock royalty, Jimmy Page and Roger Daltrey, both offered their seal of approval having caught the band in their infancy a couple of years ago and whilst having tasted several bouts of success in her electro soul band SLOWTRAINSOUL and as a respected international solo artist with more than 2.5 million sales, festival stages around the world, an array of sync TV and Film features and brand fans in the form of Diesel, Replay, Armani & Boss – Z-STAR is a serious band on the move.

A self-confessed workaholic Zee manages to run her own label and has manifested some inspiring collaborations with artists ranging from international beatboxer Shlomo, 60s rock legends Arthur Brown via Eric Clapton, Sinead O'Connor, Meshell N'Degeocello, Keziah Jones, Max Sedgley, Nigel Kennedy, Arthur Brown, Omar, Matthew Herbert, and the late greats Terry Callier and Richie Havens.

This year sees Z-STAR already booked for a host of live spots and European festivals in the summer along with the release of 16 Tons EP which harks back to a golden age of 'real music'. The EP tracks are all live band one take tape recordings, captured at the wonderful Cowshed Studios in North London, produced by Zee.
Where Led Zepellin told the world they had 'A Whole Lotta Love' Z-STAR have managed to quantify theirs on this EP, as Zee soulfully screams to every welcoming listener 'I Got 16 Tons of Love'. Sounds like she means it too!

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Live video of 16 Tons:

1. 16 Tons Of Love

2. The Good Woman

3. The Hours

4. Midas In Bloom


"There's all kinds of great sounds to luxuriate in here - a Hendrix inspired riff, a Led Zep influenced groove, smokey vocals that go from blues to soul to disco and all the way back again. The sound is seductive, creative and just downright good" - LOUDER THAN WAR

"Z-STAR's...take on the blues is adventurous, electric and unique...catchy melodies throughout, true raw emotional rock music... a new blues star for the future" - CLASSIC ROCK, THE BLUES MAGAZINE

"Definitely one to watch!" - BBC RADIO 2

"This EP is essentially Rock n Roll at its best" – TANG
"Intense magic..see Z-STAR live. It's a mesmerizing and liberating experience" – AAA MUSIC

 "A force of nature" – JIMMY PAGE
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine