domingo, junho 16, 2013

Jon Leon (White Wizzard) Excluse Metal Sucks Interview

The history of White Wizzard has been so rife with member changes that the band's lineup at any given time has become a running joke of sorts, a wound that's all too easy for snarky Internet dicks like us to rub salt in. Sole original member, songwriter, band mastermind and bass player Jon Leon is all too aware of the state of his band's reputation, at one point becoming embroiled in a public war of words with a former member of his band in the MetalSucks comments section.

So when MetalSucks was offered the opportunity to speak with Leon to support the band's new album The Devil's Cut it seemed like a good chance to give Leon the opportunity to share his side of the story and to explain, from his perspective, just why it's been so hard for him to hold onto band members. To his credit, Leon's been keeping his nose to the grindstone in dogged defiance of all the naysayers, carefully and gradually restoring public and industry confidence in his band, and as of press time White Wizzard has had a consistent lineup for over a year, no small feat when you look at this.

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