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Seconds Before Landing Releases Full-Length Album: The Great Deception

Ambient rock collective releases futuristic concept album to high anticipation

UNITED STATES – Seconds Before Landing, the ambient rock collective
formed by composer and musician John Crispino, has released its first
full-length album. The 14-track concept album, entitled The Great
Deception, features original music from Crispino, as well as a number
of guest talents from notable musical followings.

The Great Deception follows the conceptual idea of a dystopian world,
set not far into the future. Drawing on elements from science fiction,
the album paints a story of a post-apocalyptic planet that has been
torn and shaped by war, corruption and malevolence. Within this
ravished world, a single man comes to terms with his surroundings,
experiencing new emotions over the course of the album. With each
passing song on this 14-track album comes a new message, delivered
metaphorically through the struggles of this surviving man.

"There are a number of themes within this album that are very powerful
and I've put them together in this story about what the world would be
like if everything simply went awry," said John Crispino, Composer and
Lead Musician of Seconds Before Landing. "I believe that the science
fiction aspect, along with the stellar musical style that we've put
together, really sets a tone and a feel for what people will get out
of this album."

Along with Crispino, The Great Deception features a wide cast of
musical and vocal talents, who lend their sounds to the album in
unique ways. Among the guest musicians are Trey Gunn, Warr Guitarist
for the progressive rock band King Crimson and Tim Bogert, former
Bassist for notable 1960's and 70's rock groups Vanilla Fudge, Cactus,
and Beck, Bogert & Appice. Together with Crispino, these world-class
musicians have crafted an ambient sound that lends itself to the
identity of Seconds Before Landing.

Seconds Before Landing is a project by Crispino and showcases his
entirely original work. The group's first album, The Great Deception,
was mastered by two-time Grammy Nominee Andy Jackson, engineer of
legendary group Pink Floyd.

"I had the opportunity to work with some musical legends, as well as a
number of rising talents during the production of this album," said
Crispino. "I'm proud of what we've all accomplished. This album is the
culmination of hard work and I'm proud to finally call it completed."

The Great Deception is available for purchase via digital download in
the Seconds Before Landing online store, located at

It Is also available @ iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby and many many more.

To learn more about the band, the musicians or to experience the full
concept behind The Great Deception, please visit
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