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Hellish War celebrates the results of its second European tour

The band played seven shows in six different countries in October

Heroes of the Brazilian Traditional Heavy Metal, Hellish War embarked
for its second european tour in October. The band played seven shows
in six different countries: Saint Éttiene in France, Worblaufen in
Switzerland, Essen and Hamburg in Germany, Roeselare in Belgium,
Tilburg in Holland and Wroclaw in Poland.

According to the drummer Daniel Person, the results of the second tour
were even more impressive than on the first one.
"This was the second tour of Hellish War in Europe after four years.
We travelled during 14 days through six countries and more than 4
thousand kilometers. We had the experience to return to some places
where we had already played in 2009 and also play in new cities and
countries. We met old friends and did new ones and for sure we
increased the band's fan base in Europe. We will return in 2015 and
the plannings for this tour already started."

Hellish War's first trip to the old world happened in 2009. Baptized
as "European First Assault Tour", Hellish war did eight shows through
Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, including three festivals
appearances, among them the legendary "SwordBrothers Festival" in
Live In Germany, released by Hellion Records in 2010, is the band's
first live album and brought the registration of this tour.

In this new European tour, Hellish War promotes its new studio album,
Keep It Hellish. Produced by Ricardo Piccoli in Biella, Italy, the
album was released in Europe in June by Pure Steel Records from
Germany - in Brazil the album reached the stores through Voice Music
(Angra, Torture Squad, Hibria, etc).
Keep It Hellish marks the premier of Hellish War's new vocalist, Bil
Martins, and it has been considered by many journalists from all over
the world as "the best Hellish War album until now".

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