terça-feira, dezembro 10, 2013

New Live Video Released by Pontus Gunve

It's the Third in a Series of New Videos Released

December 10th, 2013, New York, New York – Pontus H. W. Gunve is
planning to feature three live videos. The first two of those ("Kraken
& Cavalry of Camels" and "Felix") have been out for about a little
while. The third (ironically entitled "Number 5") is also out now.
Although the videos are a tie-in to Gunve's new live EP, Live in New
York, "Number 5" was not included on that EP and is therefore
essentially a bonus.

NYC-based guitarist, composer and technologist Pontus Gunve's music
embraces the theory that music is a multi-dimensional experience and
an adventure in wordless storytelling that fully absorbs the audience.
Flowing through time and space, the sonic textures he creates evoke
the ethereal landscapes of other-worldly multi-media artists like Jean
Michel Jarre and Boards of Canada while still clearly inspired by the
thick, dark compositional textures of legendary heavy metal bands like

Gunve was first fully gripped by his passion for music when he saw
Jean Michel Jarre's Rendezvous Houston: A City in Concert on
television as a child growing up in Sweden. Blown away by Jarre's
all-encompassing high-tech stage show and the endless layers of his
album Oxygene, Gunve began to explore the capabilities of computers to
create different sounds and textures. His fascination with rock music
led him to electric guitar, which he began to study voraciously,
simultaneously imagining ways to expand its boundaries. At the same
time, he experimented with sequencing and learned how to build
computer and synthesizer modules that could be used practically during
performances and on recordings.

Of the EP, Larry Toering said at Mr. Music Chronicles, "I recommend
everything you can get your hands on by this progressive rock artist,
as well as this new live offering…I'm particularly impressed with how
well the songs stick to their original path but express so much more
in the process. The amount of guitar and keyboard prowess on display
is indeed remarkable, as usual. But the live feel does surpass what's
been done in the studio, proving Pontus to be not only a great writer,
recorder and arranger, but a spectacular performer as well." In a
review at Music Street Journal Jason Hillenburg said of the EP,
"Pontus H.W. Gunve's new live EP challenges, invigorates, and
inspires. The fusion of classical and rock influences merges into a
dynamic sonic powerhouse. When placed in a live setting, these
qualities become even more apparent and, frankly, outstrip their
studio counterparts. There is passion in the playing that leaves any
accusations of inaccessibility in the dust - this is not mathematical,
bloodless, and intellectual music." Don't take their word for it,
though, check it out at

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