terça-feira, dezembro 03, 2013


MAHOGANY HEAD GRENADE - "Return To The Point Of Departure"
Mahogany Head Grenade, "Home Grown Progressive InstraMETAL for Your Head" Formed in June 2011, Mahogany Head Grenade delivers virtuosic musicianship combined with accessible yet theoretically charged writing. In combining a live power trio 'organic and alive' with historical audio samples, all triggered in real time, the end result is something that is truly unique and memorable. Mike, James and Dan spent years playing professionally with other bands, such as Stranger, Blind Rage, 5 Story Dive, Soulskin. Ultimately they came together for this project as it was best suited for their artistic vision. "Return to the Point of Departure" is the first studio effort by the band. The line-up are:Dan Hyer - Guitar, Mike Pritchett - Drums and James - Falcon - Bass
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine