segunda-feira, dezembro 16, 2013


OVRFWRD - "Beyond the Visible Light"
"OVRFWRD" is a four piece all instrumental rock band formed in late 2012. Born out of equal parts fate, and happenstance. Drummer Rikki Davenport and guitarist Mark Ilaug talked many times throughout the years about creating an instrumental band, like they had done in the beginning of their musical quest many years before. When the singer of their band failed to make a recording date in the summer of 2012, that sealed the deal. With bassist Kyle Lund on board, and the addition of keyboardist Chris Malmgren, the new band entered the studio to record their first composition "Raviji". A musical tapestry of sound. Exploring the light, the dark, the heavy and the silence. The music of OVRFWRD has been described as a cinematic journey, requiring attentive ears and patient listening. Their debut album "Beyond the Visible Light" is due out fall 2013.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine