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The Enid - 40TH ANNIVERSARY BOX SET - Available for pre-order from The band website

We're excited to announce our 40th Anniversary Box Set for 2014! Available for pre-order now from The Enid Shop ( The set includes:
- A Three Disc Set comprising two Audio CDs containing 140 mins of music and a DVD Documentary in which Robert John Godfrey in conversation with Joe
Payne and Dave Storey tell the story of the early band. Here's an outtake ( from some of the 8 hours of
footage that didn't make it onto the DVD.

- A 12 page booklet with photos from the time, text by Robert John Godfrey - including excerpts from his autobiography - and more.


• The story of the band's formation.
• The concept behind the albums.
• How the music was composed together with an analysis of how the music works (with examples).
• The personalities involved.
• The recording process.
• Cranbrook, Maidstone and Noon's Folly Cottage (Royston).
• Martin Wallis, The Daimlers and other anecdotes.
• Angus, the Poles and the great management equipment heist.
• Terry King, a manager's manager.
• The move to Hertford.
• PYE Records and the beginning of a new era.
• Finchden Manor Grail Music (examples)


1. Fool
2. The Falling Tower
3. Death
4. The Lovers
5. The Devil
6. The Sun
7. The Last Judgement
8. In The Region Of The Summer Star
9. The Tower (Maidstone 4-track 1974)
10. The Devil (Cranbrook Revox recording 1974)
11. The Devil (Cranbrook Revox recording 1974)
12. Judgement (Live at Hammersmith 1978)
13. ITROTSS (Live at Symphony Hall 2011)


1. Prelude
2. Mayday Galliard
3. Ondine
4. Childe Roland
5. Fand I
6. Fand II
7. The Wanderer / (Early version of Ondine 1973)
8. Dambusters / Land of Hope (Marquee 1976)
9. Mayday Galliard (Live at Hammersmith 1978)
10. Childe Roland (Band on The Wall 1984)
11. Fand Last Movt. (Live at Symphony Hall 2011)
12. Golden Earrings (Silly Single 1976)

Please note that the current 50% offer does not extend to this release. However, Enidi Members can enjoy their 10% discount when purchasing this item.


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2014 SHOWS

Shows are already being booked, with plans to return to some of our favorite venues around the country. We will also be visiting some new turf, including famous progressive rock venue The Peel in London. We are also excited to be invited back for HRH Prog next year, supporting the brilliant artist Fish! There are also plans to visit some European festivals during the Summer. CLICK HERE ( ) to check out our Touring page for more information.

Our first show of the year will be in the Hertfordshire town of Tring, the birthplace of latest Enid addition Joe Payne. He grew up performing in this venue, and is excited to return with The Enid on the 25th January for his first show there in two years.

Each show of 2014 will be a unique event, including a summer climax performance of the entire album In The Region Of The Summer Stars - date and
location to be confirmed.
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