segunda-feira, dezembro 16, 2013


MORGANATICS - "Never Be Part Of Your World "
The story of the Morganatics is all about alchemy. At a human level, the band is first formed by a core with Nico (drums), Chris (vocals) and Sebastien (vocals and rhythm guitar). Then 2 free electrons (Mark on the bass and Lauris on lead guitar) came to create the perfect formula for a strong structure. The members of this Parisian group are bound by a common goal – making this project, the project of their lives, even if it means sacrificing everything for it since The Morganatics is not just a musical genre, it is a way of life. Finally, with Bill (co-vocalist for Enhancer) and the Ongaku Studio, all the elements could be fused together and bring the band to life. This alchemy is also a musical one. Taking rock music as a starting point, the group's members have created an alternative album for M&O Music (an independent French label), which is both intense and melodic. Sebastien's powerful lyrics, allow the personality of each to reveal itself through the melancholy and sensual image of the group. If the sound of The Morganatics manages to enter those yet to explore areas of Rock, then the human and musical experiment (as the band wishes to develop around the human aspect rather than around a musical genre) will be achieved.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine