terça-feira, dezembro 03, 2013


MOTHER TURTLE - "Mother Turtle"
Formed in 2011, in Thessaloniki, Greece, Mother Turtle started as a jam band by musicians that  were already very active, being involved individually in several other music projects and doing live gigs on a weekly basis. But during those jam sessions, some solid musical ideas were developed and after a lot of rehearsing  they evolved into songs.  Main influences include the greats of the genre such as Rush, Camel, Genesis, Frank Zappa, Marillion and many others. First live gig was under the name "Hogweed" in April 2012. Name changed to "Mother Turtle" a little bit later and since they played various gigs, sharing the stage with fellow bands such as Poem, Lazy Aftershow, 3-Fold Pain and also Swedish vintage heavy rockers Siena Root in Athens in April 2013. The first self titled 7-track album was released in 4th of October 2013 and was recorded, mixed and mastered from February to July 2013 in Sin City Studios, Thessaloniki by sound engineer Kostas Kofinas. 
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine