quarta-feira, dezembro 18, 2013


SPIRES - "Spiral of Ascension"
Spires are a four piece Progressive Metal band, based in Manchester, UK. Initially the brainchild of vocalist, guitarist and producer Paul Sadler, he was later joined by the virtuosic Paul Cuthbert on guitar (ex Nailed/Sermon of Hypocrisy), Alex Jolley on bass, and Chris Barnard on drums. This line-up has remained stable since early 2008. Musically, comparisons are often made to Opeth, Emperor, Mastodon and Cynic; however this barely touches on the kaleidoscope of influences, both metal and otherwise, that combine to deliver a truly original, mesmerising and often transcendental sound. Spires combine technicality and intricate musicianship with a flare for song-writing that never loses touch of what music should be about, and helps the songs flow seamlessly as they progress. 
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine