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Finally the eagerly anticipated sixth album of Danish Prog-Metallers
Anubis Gate is on the Horizon. They're new album "Horizons" is
unquestionably the bands most mature work to date. Combining their
signature epic songwriting with the brilliant production team of Kim
Olesen and Jacob Hansen yet again. Being released on Nightmare Records
distributed by Sony/RED, release date is April 15th, 2014.

Anubis Gate hit the studio the summer of 2013 recording their new opus
"Horizons" which is unmistakably Anubis Gate's sound yet goes again to
new places. Places perhaps one would call daring. From the liquid
grooves to uneven time signatures, trademark soundscapes and heavy,
sometimes even thrash metal riffing you will know this is both in the
tradition of the band yet breaks new ground. Anubis Gate blend 80's
melodic heavy rock, epic ambience and a contemporary dark layered
progressive metal. Inspired by the likes of Savatage, Genesis, Iron
Maiden, Queensryche, King Crimson, Iced Earth, Crimson Glory, Fates
Warning, Lord Bane & Tad Morose yet always sounding completely unique.
New guitarist Michael Bodin's heavy riffing works exceptionally well
in a duel with long time guitarist Kim Olesen. The forward driving
drums, courtesy of new drummer Morten Gade Sørensen, are a treat in
themselves. Henrik Fevres melodic vocals are even more amazing and
heartfelt than ever before. "Horizons" showcases the band on it's
highest peak. Anubis Gate 2014 is: Henrik Fevre, Kim Olesen, Michael
Bodin and Morten Gade Sørensen.

***The CD version will contain a hidden fan treasure not found on the
digital sites. There will be a CD-ROM EP recorded live in 2005, the
EP includes 4 tracks and dedicated artwork. The tracks are live
versions of songs from their first two albums "Purification" and "A
Perfect Forever".
UPC: 734923006602
Cat #: NMR-577
Style: Rock/Metal/Progressive
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01 Destined To Remember
02 Never Like This (A Dream)
03 Hear My Call
04 Airways
05 Revolution Come Undone
06 Breach Of Faith
07 Mindlessness
08 Horizons
09 A Dream Within A Dream
10 Erasure

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