quarta-feira, fevereiro 19, 2014

Imagery's debut album highlighted on North American Press

"The Inner Journey" was recently released in USA by Cleopatra Records
from Los Angeles

Rare are the cases of bands that can be successful just with the debut
album. Even more difficult for a band like Imagery that comes from the
countryside of Brazil and plays a kind of music that merges elements
from progressive rock, heavy metal and jazz, styles that are far from
being highlighted on media.

But as for every rule there is an exception, Imagery has surprised
even the most optimistic forecasts. After having won the Brazilian
press with its debut "The Inner Journey", now are the north-american
journalists that are falling in love with the band's full of
originality music.

With the recent and already announced signing of a distribution
agreement with U.S. label Cleopatra Records (Tangerine Dream,
Hawkwind, Nektar), "The Inner Journey" is gaining an amazing and
positive exposure in the U.S. press.

The site Critical Jazz, edited by the respected jazz critic Brent
Black declared on a review of the album that Imagery's "The Inner
Journey" is "an impressive start" and that the album brings a
"sophisticated hybrid of sound that could be described as Deep Purple
meets early Alan Holdsworth but they manage to carve out their own
unique sound". Black concludes the text also saying that Imagery is
"one of the few bands working the progressive rock side of the street
with the adaptability to keep the music fresh and invigorating".

Another who was full of praise for Imagery's "The Inner Journey" was
Marty Dodge from Seattle PI. "Jazz-tinged progressive metal goodness",
wrote the journalist that added: "The music ranges from merely
progressive rock to Rush-like cleverness, with even a hint of Hawkwind
and back... Well worth checking out for those with eclectic tastes".

JP's Music Blog, connected to the Record-Journal Newspaper Publishing
Company, also declared that Imagery plays "the perfect blend of
progressive metal music".

"The Inner Journey" is already for sale on several specialized Cds
stores in the USA, Europe and Asia.

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