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D'accorD are finally ready to release their 3rd album, simply called "D'accorD III".

The third album from the Norwegian prog band D’accorD represents a variation on the route for the band. Whereas their last album, “Helike” (2010) was a massive conceptual piece - this time around - the band has gone for shorter and more diverse tracks. The impulses from the 70’s progressive sound are still there, so is the remarkable complexity in the music. But this time around, D’accorD has incorporated more rock’n’roll and a tougher edge - which are the elements for a progressive rock album with a salient variation to the songs.

“D’accorD III” was recorded at the fully analog Cowshed Studio in London, where The Beautiful South, Jamie Cullum, Boy George among others has recorded. D’accorD wanted a more authentic and real 70’s sound on this album, and the feeling of the recording is raw, real and live. All the songs on the album was recorded live with minimal overdubs to 24 tracks of analog tape, and this live sounding classic album was mixed and recorded within 10 days. Analog mastering was done at Fluid Mastering in London (Deep Purple, Elvis, Jethro Tull and more).

With the album “D’accorD III”, the band has made a classic rock album filled with adventurous and progressive sounds.
Sure Shot Worx does the promotion in Germany.
·          3rd album from D’accorD
·          Complex and diverse prog rock with a 70’s vibe
·          More rock’n’roll vibe on this album
·          Recorded at the fully analog Cowshed Studio in London
·          Analog mastering at Fluid Mastering
·          Live shows will be announced
·          Ads in all relevant press
1. These Last Todays
2. Here Lies Greed
3. Lady Faboulus
4. Mr. Moonlight
5. Ibliss In Bliss
6. Song For Jethro
7. Mon – Sat: Part I
8. Mon – Sat: Part II
9. The Doom That Came To Sarnath (bonus track)

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