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Ex-Nightwish singer "Anette Olzon" to release debut solo album "Shine"

Ex-Nightwish singer, Anette Olzon, will release her debut solo album
"Shine" in the UK on Monday 31st March viaearMusic.

Anette was the front woman of Finnish symphonic-metal superstars
Nightwish for five years before having to leave the band in late 2012.

"Shine" has been produced by some of the most successful teams in rock
and pop in Scandinavia: the producer StefanÖrn (songwriter and
producer of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest winning track 'Running
Scared'), Johan Glössnerand co-produced by Anette Olzon and Johan
Kronlund. The album was mixed by Kronlund, Nicklas Flykt and Ronny
Lahti (known for his work with Loreen and Roxette).

"I am so thrilled to finally release my first solo album," says
Anette. "I've been working on it for a long time by now... The album
is very personal with songs I have started writing already in 2009 but
also very recent songs. The overall message of the album is that life
can be really dark and filled with hardship and sadness, but you can
always choose to see some light coming through, to make you stronger
and full of life - making you SHINE... no matter what."

Click here to read the official press release and download the album
artwork and photos:


Album Tracklisting:

1. Like A Show

2. Shine

3. Floating

4. Lies

5. Invincible

6. Hear Me

7. Falling

8. Moving Away

9. One Million Faces

10. Watching Me From Afar

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