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Mexican Alternative Rock Band Reacta Readies the Release of their Debut Album Refraction, in the USA and Worldwide on February 11th, 2014

San Francisco, CA – Alaric Records is pleased to announce the national release of Refraction, the debut full-length album by Reacta on February 11th, 2014. This release features 10 new Alternative Rock and Indie Pop songs. This is the first worldwide official release by Reacta on US based Alaric Records.

Reacta is Mexican Alternative Rock Powerhouse and has spent the last two years becoming a local sensation in their hometown of Aguascalientes, Mexico. Beginning as an instrumental band, Reacta took off when they combined their wall of sound fusion with American troubadourWilliam Merritt Hendricks. Their debut album Refraction was born in the “La felicidad se encurntra en la simplicidad de las cosas” culture of Aguascalientes, Mexico which translates to ‘Happiness lays upon simplicity.’ The album is an exploration into the power that can be derived from reveling in simple emotions. Their sound is strong mix of Incubus, The Killers, andExplosions in the Sky.

Alaric Records CEO Devon Luongo discovered Reacta on a surfing trip to Puerto Escondido, where he met guitarist Chencho Gutierrez on the beach, donning his iconic vest, flanked by two beautiful Spanish women, drinking a Pacifico. “I was immediately drawn to the authenticity of his thrift store appearance, and the calm, cool demeanor that you can only find in people whose happiness is not derived from wealth.” The lifestyle that they live, the culture that they embody, is so intoxicating because it is based in freedom and love, not power and status. The amalgamation of ideas and perspectives accrued through each band members various vagabond journeys really comes across in their music. There is almost a voyeuristic pleasure in listening toRefraction, knowing this album was written for their devoted fan base in Aguascalientes with no intention of ever reaching a mainstream audience. Even just a few years ago, producing an album of this quality in Aguascalientes would have been impossible. Today, modern music technology has leveled the playing field and given this group of small town travelers a voice that is reaching farther than their boots and purse strings could ever take them.

Despite it’s small town vibe, sonically the album is extremely commercial. It is relatable, easy to listen to, and licensable. It is the kind of Alternative/Alt Pop that you would find on US TV shows like Friday Night Lights or Grey’s Anatomy. Winning a top spot charts in August 2013, Reacta has already demonstrated that the demand for their music exists in the global market. In 2012, Reacta opened for Little Dragon at the Cuartel del Arte en la Feria Nacional de San Marcos.

The worldwide street date is set for February 11th 2014, and Alaric Records is putting together a campaign to bring Refraction into the American and European music markets. A short west coast tour will follow in April 2014, shortly after the album’s release.
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