segunda-feira, fevereiro 17, 2014

Frontline Vessel - Island EP

So Frontline Vessel began in May 2013 when Simo decided to do music that differ from his other band (Decibel Hammer). After eight months, our debut EP, "Island", came out 10.1.2014, and it's produced, edited, mixed and recorded by Simo (further info can be found on our Bandcamp page).

Frontline Vessel is:

Simo Perkiömäki - Guitars, vocals, computer (16)
Tomi Louhesto - Drums (22, also a drummer in finnish bands Decibel Hammer & Humanation)
Benny Raivio - Bass (18, also bassist/singer in finnish band Nuclear Omnicide)
Joel Pyykkönen - Guitars (20, also guitarist/vocalist of finnish band Humanation)

You can stream & download "Island" for free:

Official Facebook page:
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