segunda-feira, fevereiro 17, 2014

SupreMa announces new official video

SupreMa has been demonstrating to be one of the bands with the highest activity in Brazil and after the release of the new album "Traumatic Scenes" in Brazil, Europe, USA and Japan (via Power Prog) and receiving high scores in reviews around the world, the band announces officially the production of their new video.

The chosen song is "Fury and Rage" and the production, screenplay, shooting, edition and post production are being done by renowed film producing company Nevasca Filmes, who have worked and had some of their members involved with some of the biggest productions and artists in Brazil such as Naldo Benny ("Caipifruta" official video), João Neto & Frederico (DVD), Cine, girlband Girls (Fábrica de Estrelas, Rick Bonadio), Micael Borges, Manu Gavassi, The Vampire Diaries (RTA Global) and "Pânico na TV" TV show (RedeTV and Band).

Filming took place during the months of June and November 2013 in two emblematic Brazilian cities called Joanopolis and Paranapiacaba.

For the shooting producers used all the same technological devices used in cinema productions from crane to 5D lenses Carl Zeiss 28mm which made the new SupreMa's video clip turn into a real film production in the form of a short film.

"I'm still enjoying this new video from SupreMa. On "Nightmare" video we wanted closed frames and show the band most of the time to present our new sound and style, but on "Fury and Rage" the proposal is totally different. The lyrics are really strong and the screenplay written by Nevasca Filmes at first shocked me, the character in this video suffers a possession and there are some scenes really outstanding and intense. We did everything calmly from the selection of the actress, make up, scenario and every scene of this video, and the locations that are amazing cities with enigmatic landscapes. This was the biggest SupreMa's production ever done and the story is a short film inserted inside of a band video." says guitarist Douglas Jen.

On the screenplay, "Serena", performed by actress Mayra Oliveira, is a regular young woman that is tormented all the time by something that she doesn't know what it is. In the middle of the story after trying to escape, she falls down inside a surreal world and she is possessed by the being who plays with her body, feelings and torments her. Inside this fight"Serena" wants to end this insane game of fury between these two worlds.

The "Fury and Rage" video has no release date scheduled yet and is in the process of editing and post production.

SupreMa promises to post images of the making of and a teaser shortly. Stay tuned to the SupreMa website and their official Facebook's page where all the information will be posted.

The tour in support of the new album has begun and the band has already visited important cities like São Paulo, Manaus and Maceio. As of right now they are booking dates for the second leg of the tour with the new scenario and structure that is travelling around Brazil! All contacts should be made via Furia Music Productions
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