quarta-feira, fevereiro 19, 2014

Uganga: watch new video clip "Guerra"

The song will appear on "Opressor", the band's new studio album

Manu "Joker" (vocal), Christian Franco (guitar), Thiago Soraggi
(guitar), Raphael "Ras" Franco (bass) and Marco Henriques (drums).
Collectively they are known as UGANGA. In Brazil, everybody who is
really into metal and hardcore knows them, and if you are in Europe
you also have a chance to have heard about the band. After all, these
five brazilian musicians are for 20 years on the road, have released
four albuns and completed two tours in Europe, besides countless shows
in Brazil.

When it was thought that the band would slow down, behold they do
announce the new studio album!

Titled "Opressor", the album was produced by the experienced Gustavo
Vazquez (Black Drawning Chalks, Macaco Bong, Krow, Hellbenders) and
will bring the following tracks "Guerra", "O Campo", "Veredas",
"Opressor", "Moleque de Pedra", "Casa", "L.F.T.", "Modus Vivendi",
"Nas Entranhas do Sol", "Aos Pés da Grande Árvore", "Noite", "Who Are
The True" (Vulcano cover) and "Guerreiro".

The release date of "Opressor" is not defined, but the album will
reach the stores still in the first semester of 2014.

In the meanwhile, on February 08th debuted on Play TV (a brazilian
music tv channel) the band's new video clip for the song "Guerra".

Directed by Eddie Shumway - that had already worked with the band on
previous videos - "Guerra" brings images shot in Poland, Slovenia and

"The idea of the video was to explore several conflicts of the human
history that unfortunatly was written with blood", explains the
frontman Manu Joker."We merged images of these events to others that
we shot in three different places in Europe. We filmed live scenes
playing at ShowBarlang Club in Budapest, Hungary, and others images in
Poland walking through the streets of Poznan, city where pratically
the second world war started. Last, but not least, we shot other
scenes at a cultural center in Maribor, Slovenia, where we found many
objects and sculptures related to the subject, like, for instance, a
police car studded with bullets that turned to be a garden or a peace
symbol made of AK 47 machine-guns".

Manu Joker also wishes to clarify that even though the images,
"Guerra" video clip does not make any kind of apologia and that the
lyrical context is more related to personal experiences.
"The idea of this lyric came from our inner struggles, our personal
wars. We all deal with that, every one in its own way. I think that
Eddie did a great job when translating this to the video and we are
really happy with the final result. I wish people could understand
what this lyric real means. Definitively is not about violence
apologia, but this depends on every one's perception to take its own

Watch "Guerra" video clip on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK1rn6XxywU

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