segunda-feira, fevereiro 17, 2014

Calling All Astronauts new single "It could have been lust" Free Download released 11/2/14

“It could have been lust”
Released via Supersonic Media
Following an amazing 2013, that saw the release of their critically acclaimed and award winning debut album, “Post Modern Conspiracy”, London based electro punks Calling All Astronauts have listened to their fans, who voted on which should be the final single from “PMC” and are kicking 2014 off with the release of their sixth single “It could have been lust”

CAA have built up quite a reputation for their uncompromising videos, the latest is no exception, addressing the very topical issue of same sex and transgender marriage head on with a series of none genre specific provocative images designed to challenge to viewers thoughts regarding love and lust. 

Calling All Astronauts are currently in the studio recording their follow up album, and are very excited by results so far which has seen them veering from full on German techno on “Hand Up Who Wants To Die?” to the NIN meets Skrillex esq “Self harm”, Their second album which goes by the working title of “Deconstructing Celebrity” will be released in the summer of 2014 to coincide with festival appearances.  

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