terça-feira, julho 16, 2013

21 Eyes of Ruby on hold

Such a nice day and still we have to bring you some sad news...

Dear friends & fans, though it might not even come as a real surprise: we've decided to put 21 Eyes of Ruby on hold. No, we're not quitting, it's more like a state of hibernation. We're still best friends and don't you worry about us suffering from 'musical differences'. Cause we're not. But we have to admit, after more than 7 years of putting our hearts and souls in our favorite band, it's getting though to hold the right amount of energy, motivation and concentration that 21 Eyes of Ruby deserves. So maybe it's time to get some other things going on...

Obviously, we've got some goodbye presents to hand out: HERE you'll find 4 brand new live videos of our final show at De Nieuwe Nor supporting The Pineapple Thief. The full setlist is:

1 The Divine Light 
2 Until The End 
3 7 Rules of Motivation 
4 Antidote

Check out http://21eyesofruby.bandcamp.com/ : you'll find FREE downloads of CTW6-preproduction-tracks Antidote & The Divine Light, among the rest of our discography.

We'd like to thank everybody who've supported us throughout the years, came to our shows, bought a cd or shirt. Many special thanx to our beloved roadcrew Raoul, Roy, Erik & Jurriaan. Thanx guys!

21 Eyes of Ruby say "Thank You, Thank You! We love you! Goodbye!"

Antoine, Martijn & Stef
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine