quarta-feira, julho 24, 2013


VIENNA CIRCLE - "Silhouette Moon"
"Silhouette Moon" is a concept album which explores mortality and existentialism; reality and dream. Designed as a full album experience, it aims to live up to the values of the vinyl era and keep you engaged through to its dramatic finale. Vienna Circle are the brothers Jack and Paul Davis. After growing up in rural Wiltshire on a diet of Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Dream Theater, they self-released their debut album "White Clouds" in 2008. To their surprise and delight, it earned positive reviews in the press where they were flagged as rising stars in the progressive rock community. Inspired to live up to these demands, they started writing a new album in late 2009. By 2011 they hired producer Tom Davenport to scale up their sound, who took them to work with engineer Rupert Matthews at Monkey Puzzle House studios, best known for Porcupine Tree's "The Incident". With session musician Alex Micklewright on drums, they took the tracks home for months of delicate post-production and orchestral flourishes. The final mix was by Edd Hartwell, another Wiltshire native who was also an understudy to renown producer Trevor Horn, and his contribution helps "Silhouette Moon" stand proud as a quality progressive rock album. "Silhouette Moon" might be an independent release, but it makes no compromises on Vienna Circle's original vision. That's one set of values you can count on the band to deliver throughout their career.
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