terça-feira, julho 23, 2013

Omega Xentauri a new Band on the prog scene

In 2008 guitarist ERIK CALLAERTS who had already played and recorded with several local bands made the home-studio recording song "SOLAR FLAME" as a demo.

This started the idea to record some more, and together with other guest musicians, a full cd with the album title 'The promise' was recorded in 2010.

A record deal with Shiver records was offered to the band, - but since the terms were not agreeable - this was turned down.

In 2011, a search started to find skilled musicians to take the show on the road
and record a second album.

Presently the band has finished its second album - 'To a debt that was never ours'.
OMEGA'S music is both etherial and hard rocking, and can be described as a mixture of both symphonic and gothic metal, without any boundries to creativity and sounds - with an important place for the lyrics.

The style has evolved towards a more symphonic prog metal approach - and a very different
overall sound - due to the all new band line up (except for guitarist/songwriter
Erik Callaerts). New audio samples are posted on the website.

Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine