quinta-feira, julho 18, 2013


OMNIA OPERA - "Nothing is Ordinary"
Many years ago (1985) in a town far, far away! Kidderminster to be exact! Two dudes, Ade Scholefield and Rob Lloyd who hadn't come down yet from tripping to the sounds of Syd's Pink Floyd, Gong, Amon Duul, Hawkwind etc began experimenting with their own sounds. With very limited resources and technology they began to create a sound that took the listener to their own warped dimensions! This warped musical vehicle was known as "The Genetics of Destiny". In 2006 Omnia Opera reformed themselves from their state of hibernation and slumber minus Ade who is currently doing his own thing "Helices Fold" though still collaborating in his dehydrated way! The Drones have been cloned as Plumaris [Plum] and Caitlin [Caitlin] both don't go near subways!! And now there's Captain Bagley on keys and stage weirdness! The torture goes on! if you want it we've got it!! And we'll do it subject to further NHS assistance and advice!!! For a more detailed and an ultimately gripping record of events force yourself to read on...and as the Cardiacs say .."your loyalty demands it."
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine