segunda-feira, julho 29, 2013

Isildurs Bane/IB Expo

The annual IB Expo 13 concert will take place at Kulturhuset in Halmstad, Sweden on Saturday, November 30th at 19.30. Doors open at 19.00.
The musicians you will enjoy listening to this year will be the following:
Klas Assarsson - marimba, vibraphone, percussion
Richard Barbieri - keyboards
Luca Calabrese - trumpet
Alex Croné - bass, woodwinds
Samuel Hällkvist - guitar
Mats Johansson - keyboards
Liesbeth Lambrecht - violin
Christian Saggese - guitar
Julie Slick - bass
Kjell Severinsson - drums
David Torn - guitar
Jolien Wils - accordion

To avoid disappointment, get your tickets now, either at or via the tourist agency in Halmstad, phone: +46 35 12 02 00. Last year, IB Expo was sold out months in advance, so buy your treasured tickets now, just to make sure you won't miss out  on this wonderful one-of-a-kind event. Read on for more info on our guests!
Trumpet ace Luca Calabrese, virtuoso violinist and Aranis member Liesbeth Lambrecht and classical master guitarist Christian Saggese are familiar to IB Expo regulars, their musical skills having enriched several IB Expos. We especially welcome accordionist Jolien Wils, a conservatory trained musician and teacher from Belgium who plays Astor Piazzolla's music with the Libertangokwartet and french, belgian and klezmer music with Amuzet.
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