terça-feira, julho 23, 2013

Gunnelpumpers "Montana Fix" CD release party this Wednesday, July 24

Gunnelpumpers is thrilled to be releasing our fourth CD, the 19-track "Montana Fix", this coming Wednesday. The official event will happen at Martyrs' at 3855 N. Lincoln Avenue of our fair city, Chicago. The cover is only $7 and anyone age 17+ may attend! 

If you can't be there, consider showing your support by purchasing the CD just about anywhere online (our favorite is http://gunnelpumpers.bandcamp.com/album/montana-fix), friend us on Facebook, or support your local live music scene and musical innovators.

Also performing Wednesday will be The Ham Council (https://www.facebook.com/TheHamCouncil), for whom this is also a release party for their new CD, "you need to work on your character flaws", as well as the touring Sophistafunk (https://www.facebook.com/sophistafunkband) from Syracuse, NY. Sophistafunk leader Adam Gold is owner of the renowned Funk 'n Waffles in Syracuse (http://funknwaffles2.blogspot.com/), and both the restaurant and the band were recently featured on FoodTV's DDD. Sophistafunk is a trio consisting of synth bass/keys, drums, and rapper.

8:00 Gunnelpumpers
9:00 The Ham Council
10:00 Sophistafunk

Gunnelpumpers is thrilled to have original member, percussionist Doug Brush, join us Wednesday. He is visiting all the way from New Zealand for his parents 50th wedding anniversary and the timing for us could not have worked out better. Also playing this night will be Bob Garrett on drum kit, Randy Farr on percussion, Michael Hovnanian on double bass, John Meyer on electric guitar, and I'll be playing whatever I happen to bring along. Two of those who also recorded on Montana Fix will be unable to join us Wednesday, but the significant contributions of Matthew Golombisky and Quinlan Kirchner are duly noted and appreciated!

Thanks so much for your support!

Douglas Johnson
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine