quinta-feira, outubro 10, 2013

Deep Stare a new progressive metal band release their first single “Eternal Sense (part I)”

Deep Stare band came together on 7.9.2013 comprising of the former members of progressive metal band ClayFeeders. Deep Stare is: Jacob Cool – lead vocals, keyboard, Michal Popelář - guitar, Tomáš Monok - bass and Luboš Pavlík - drums. They play in the style of progressive rock/metal. Deep Stare continues where ClayFeeders left off.

On 9.9.2013 they released their first single “Eternal Sense (part I)” and soon after we released “Eternal Sense (part II)”. On 23.9.2013 we released a lyrical video for “Eternal Sense (part I)”. By the end of this year,Deep Stare will have played seven shows  - two in Prague, one in Havlíčkův Brod, one in Litvínov and three in Berlin. The band is preparing new material and we will go into the studio next year. We are also booking future shows in the Czech Republic and abroad.

A short bio about the band

ClayFeeders came together in 2007. After several member changes , the group currently consists of Jacob Cool, Michal Popelář, Tomáš Monok and Luboš Pavlík. Their experiments with classic and hard rock, and thrash and heavy metal have gradually led the band to progressive metal. During the band‘s existence, the members of ClayFeeders have been given the Audience Award in the competition "PopRock", they have come in third place in the competition "Beat Hope" and also third place in the German-Czech competition in Bad Kötzing.

At the beginning 2011, the band released the official music video for "Why Angels Die". The video made it on to ALTERNATIVA TV‘s (CZ) music chart where it gradually reached number one. It also made it on to TV Ocko‘s (CZ) music chart. Furthermore, it played on MTV Nova, Public TV and Alfa TV (CZ). One year later on April 7, 2012, the band put out their first studio album "The Seventh Sense".

Line Up:
Jacob Cool - zpěv
Michal Popelář - kytara
Luboš Pavlík - bicí
Tomáš Monok - baskytara

Deep Stare web: www.deepstare.eu
Bandzone profil: http://bandzone.cz/deepstare
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deepstareband

Eternal Sense part I (lyric video): http://youtu.be/2TMyCffs7eM
Eternal Sense part II: http://youtu.be/HAsm4XB7OcQ
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