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ScienceNV Will Release New EP

Bite My Bolero to Feature Classical Interpretations

October 1st, 2013, San Francisco, California – Featuring three
classical pieces reinterpreted by ScienceNV, Bite My Bolero is set to
be released on October 3rd. The set will start with a version of "Le
Danse Macabre" by Camille Saint Saens. "Mars" by Gustov Holst will
follow. The closing piece will be Maurice Ravel's "Bolero."

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ScienceNV was formed in
2005 by Larry Davis (guitar and bass guitar), David Graves
(keyboards), Jim Henriques (guitar and keyboards) and Rich Kallet
(drums). ScienceNV released their debut album, Really Loud Noises in
2008. They followed that up with Pacific Circumstances in 2010. Their
latest, The Last Album Before the End of Time was released in 2013.
While progressive rock is often considered to be lacking in humor,
ScienceNV have a funny side to them. In fact, saying the name out loud
reveals both the true meaning of the acronym and their sense of humor.
Of course, just the title of this new EP should reveal that sense of

"Le Danse Macabre" was on their Pacific Circumstances album. At
Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal, Marcelo Trotta said "'Danse
Macabre' is an amazing and ghostly adaptation of the orchestral piece
written by 'Camille Saint-Saens' (1874). It has the same quality of
similar works performed by 'ELP' ('Pictures At An Exhibition');
'Focus' ('Hamburger Concerto'); and by other bands that used to adapt
Classical pieces."

"Mars" comes from the latest ScienceNV album, The Last Album Before
the End of Time. At Wormwood Chronicles, Dr. Abner Mality had this to
say about the piece, "They start with a lengthy run-through of Gustav
Holst's 'Mars,' which plays the familiar march faithfully with synths
before they turn towards a lengthy jamming section with some real
Hendrix-style guitar playing."

ScienceNV's version of "Bolero" comes from their first album. At DPRP,
Mark Hughes said this about the song, "They do a good job of building
to the crescendo at the culmination of the piece, managing to capture
an orchestral air without going to over the top."

For more information you can check out ScienceNV on the web at
http://www.sciencenv.com. The EP is available at
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-ZINE