domingo, outubro 06, 2013

The White Kites - prog/psych band from Poland

We are proud to present the single "Love Songs" by The White Kites that precedes their forthcoming album "MISSING" - out October 14th. Listen to it, submit or write a cheeky little review and you won't regret it! If you need more info, a sneak preview of the album - please contact us.

The "Love Songs" SP contains:

(A) "Love Doctor" 

(B) "Evening Walk" (feat. Ola Bilińska)

We the White Kites are setting sail on our maiden voyage. Nowt to gloat on, but we're heading for uncharted seas in our vessel of psychedelic nature. Off to a world of epic stories, humorous n' absurd musical sketches and humble ballads. A world filled by the sounds of distorted guitars, deep belly rumbling organs, soothing flutes and mesmerising mellotron.

MISSING (LP release date 14.10.2013) - is a cycle of musical tales, encompassing constant themes in man's search for something important - Love, Identity, Adventure, Soul Mates and New Lands… All of it drenched in the sounds of British psychedelic rock and intertwined with elements of folk. Formed into charming and nostalgic songs, harking back to such artists as Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Tim Buckley, Robert Wyatt and Genesis. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Throw your cares away, slip on your headphones and lose yourself in the MISSING.

The White Kites - a Warsaw based group founded in 2011.
Inspired mainly by the tradition of British Rock from the 60's and 70's (Pink Floyd, Robert Wyatt, The Zombies, Genesis) but within their original music one can find varying degrees of influence from folk, music-hall and baroque.

The White Kites are:
Sean Palmer - vocals
Jakub Lenarczyk - keyboards, recorder
Bartek Woźniak - guitars
Przemek Piłaciński - guitars
Paweł Betley - flute, recorder
Piotr Olszewski 'Diabelsky Bassdeluxe' - fender bass / voc
Jakub Tolak - drums

more info:
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