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THE DIVINOS “The Divino Code” CD Release

Valery Records is proud to announce the release of the album "The Divino Code" by The Divinos

The Divinos are not a traditional band, they are a new way of musical entertainment. The band's sound, characterized by the use of electronic groove, southern rock guitars and acoustic piano, unites various influences and musical styles such as cinema and musicals, opera and rock. A truly innovative work that evokes the cinematic style of the gangsters movies and pulp, until the spaghetti westerns as in the movies of Tarantino, Rodriguez and Leone. The voice of Max Russo, founder and frontman of The Divinos, accompanied by Tristi aka Chiazzetta, freestyle & priestrapper performer, tells the odyssey of the Divino family through a journey very noir steeped in irony and drama, which are bared the weaknesses and temptations of the human in appearance from the hidden look "pinstripe" and the thirst for power.

In addition to the fusion of the Italian melodies, musical, classic rock and rap, The Divino Code, is made unique, by the particular language Italo-American used in the texts, and contains an interesting cover version of "Vieni via con me" by Paolo Conte. Of this beautiful song, last November, was shot a music video directed by Luna Gualano http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmGN9TetiQ0

To further enhance the album, the presence of musicians like the drummer Roberto Pirami ( Vinnie Moore, Michael Angelo Batio, Uli Jon Roth, Blaze Bayley ), Simone Massimi ( Vinnie Moore) to the electric bass, Marco Bartoccioni to the southern mandolin & guitar and Licia Missori (Steve Hewitt, Spiral 69) to the classic piano.

The live show of The Divinos that will support the release of the CD, it's not just a concert but an unique and extraordinary event, the result is the Dirty Crime Show already successfully introduced in England and in France, where The Divinos have recently filmed, in collaboration with the prestigious Cité du Cinéma by Luc Besson , the video of "Doll's Amore" to be released soon as the second single in Europe and in U.S.A.


1.The Divino Code, 2.You Have to give Respect, 3.I Live just for the best, 4.Dolls Amore, 5.Pull the trigger 6.I Love (The) Dangerous, 7.Criminal's Confession, 8.It's Wonderful (Vieni via con me)

Info are available here:  www.thedivinos.com  www.facebook.com/thedivinos
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