quarta-feira, outubro 09, 2013

The Black Rain on Indiegogo for Fundraising Campaign

The Black Rain on Indiegogo for Fundraising Campaign Moved by their common passion for music, last year The Black Rain recorded and published their debut album "Night Tales". The results greatly exceeded any expectation: a huge confirmation in terms of public that forced the band to reprint the CD and excellent reviews by the critics. The number of fans increased, the audience attending their concerts got larger and larger and gave the band the chance to perform also in France and in Greece where they have been hosted in the most popular TV show "Radio Arvila". These amazing experiences strengthened the enthusiasm of The Black Rain and their will to keep playing music. Now they launched their fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo in order to face the costs for recording, mixing, mastering, artwork and printing of their second CD whose release is foreseen in spring 2014. Obviously they will give in return some interesting perks for each contribution, the greater the donation, the greater the reward ! Here the details: