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OLD MAN’S CELLAR “Damaged Pearls” CD Release

Valery Records is proud to announce the release of the album "Damaged Pearls" by Old Man's Cellar.

Active since 2009, Old Man's Cellar is a true Melodic Hard Rock band and proposes a classy and straight music style considered nowadays a niche phenomenon by many, destined to those choosy fans with a  taste for the perfect design of sound and arrangements execution. In fact, while keeping intact the undisputed band's capability to cast  vocal melodies as a foreground and the use of keyboards typical of the AOR groups of the 80 's, Old Man's Cellar is a fresh band, powerful and above all very actual and contemporary, and it won't take long for them to make their way in the Italian and international Melodic Hard Rock scene. The line up is: Ricky DC on vocals, Freddy Veratti on guitar, Angelo Scollo on bass, and Max Fedrezzoni and Andrea Boni on keyboards and drums.

"Damaged Pearls", this is the title of their first full length, is now coming to light after a long and meticulous study. The album was produced and recorded by the band and mixed at Studio 73 under the supervision of producer Riccardo Pasini. After a transition period due to previous contractual problems and label change that have postponed the release, "Damaged Pearls" is now finally ready to be released next 4th November in Italy and worldwide


1.Damaged Pearls, 2.Amber Lights, 3.Hyperlove, 4.Don't care what's next, 5.The years we challenge. 6.Rain talk, 7.Is this the highest wave, 8.Knees on the straw,

9.Soul exercise, 10.Still at heart, 11.Summer of the white tiger, 12.Undress me fast.

The album will be released on Cd and digital by Valery Records and will be distributed worldwide.

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Several seasons must succeed one another if you want to open your old, dusty cellar and taste a good quality wine, retaining the blend of years of patient work.
That's what happened with this hard rock band, whose members decided in the very begin of year 2009 , to shatter the seals of the inestimable barrels, protecting years of life, musical and heart experiences they collected.
"Pure hard rock has always been the kind of music we wanted to play one day. But that's not a thing you can handle properly until you dont feel prepared enough to rely your most intimate feelings onto the music youre gonna play and perform."
With this statement OMC members began writing songs and lyrics, after several years of music experiences in local and non local bands.
Freddy Veratti is a professional guitarist, who made his way through several music institutes, local and non-local bands, side projects of various nature and made music his reason of life. Meticoulous in the deep study of music and guitar styles, he kept his fire burning by running a large variety of musical projects (Blackage, Neronova, Fango, swing and jazz cooperations, tournist for pop artists etc. etc.), till the day he took the chance of opening a own music school : a solid base for his works to come. Ricky DC has never been any professional singer, nor gave his whole life to the world of microphones, cables and projects. He began at the age of 17 as lead singer of the metal band Lost Breed, which kept him busy for 3 years. He never found again a stable role in other long-term projects, but just spot appeareances here and there, recording or performing. But he could count on the extreme faith Freddy has always had in him , because of his enormous unexpressed potentials and music common tastes and feelings.

" I decided not to take any compromise anymore in terms of givin' my all for a music project. I never cared about cover or party bands, uncertain situations or "more speaking than playing" people. I know Freddy a long time and I knew we were about to make all this happen one day."
The two made this certainty come true. It was just a matter of setting their instinct free. In search for a drummer they pointed straight to Andrea Fedrezzoni, experienced musician who Freddy could count on in the last 15 years of activity with Blackage and Neronova.
"We chose to adopt a process based on a studio songwriting, to be developed in a second time member by member, and finally bring the mix to the reharsals room : this made us sure not to lose anytime and kept us 24/7 focused on our job".
The band became complete by the recruiting of keyboardist Max Boni and bassist Angelo Scollo, a couple of groovy musicians, which are making OMC's picture complete and make possible the presence of the band here on the web, where you readers are welcome 

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