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REACH to Release Debut EP August 13th

New Jersey, alt-rock outfit REACH is set to release it's first EP, Patterns in Static on August 13, 2013. Born out of the ashes of the progressive, Boy Meets Machine, this new band delivers a unique sonic assault. REACH features vocalist/bassist, Joel Monet, lead guitarist, Christian Colabelli, rhythm guitarist, Steve Swain, and drummer, Joe Nivare. 

Today the band has unveiled the artwork and tracklisting for Patterns in Static.  The artwork was created by John Bryan of Revolution Dream. 

Patterns in Static twists elements of metal, prog-rock, fusion, punk, and alternative with an unmistakable pop-sensibility. Songs like "yungPunx" and "Caveman" bludgeon the listener with punishing guitars, and bring forth an old school punk vibe laced with modern harmonic ideas.  

Compelling vocals soar over a wall of sound to create infectious choruses, throughout Patterns in Static. The EP is glued together with seamless drumming. Daniel Bernath, of the German metal band, Syqem was recruited to post-produce and mix "Pins and Needles," the most atmospheric song of the litter. Fans ofSyqem will immediately recognize Bernath's deft touch. 

Reach will be playing shows throughout the northeast in support of the release of "Patterns in Static." 

Patterns in Static Tracklisting:
1.      yuNgPunX
2.      The Artificial
3.      Caveman
4.      Pins and Needles
5.      Faith.

Reach Official Bio
REACH came together, crossing many state lines from AL to NJ, with a strong commitment to quality of work, the creation of a unique sound and the ambition to satisfy a wide variety of rock fans looking for something more in their music. The band was born out of the ashes of Boy Meets Machine, originally formed in Atlanta, Georgia, circa 2008. After making a stamp in the Atlanta music scene, and enduring several lineup changes, members Joel Monet (lead singer and bass guitarist) headed back to his home state of Alabama to regroup. Monet, began musically collaborating with lead guitarist Christian Colabelli over the internet in 2009, after the two were put in contact by a mutual friend. They wrote over two albums worth of material and quickly realized they had something special. Joel ultimately decided to relocate to Christian's home state of New Jersey in order to take another crack at making the band happen. The duo added drummer, Joe Nivare to the mix and started played regional shows. The group finally was made complete with the addition of current rhythm guitarist, Steve Swain and REACH was formed. For the first time ever, the band exists as one big happy family!

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