sábado, abril 19, 2014

4th VOICIANO Webisode online/GANDALF 4th Guest Star!

The fourth webisode of the upcoming VOICIANO album "Everflow" is online now and can be watched here. 

Sabine and Lanvall are introducing guest star No.4, the world music icon GANDALF, one of the most successful international Austrian musicians! He will also be responsible for the mix and the mastering of the album. Furthermore they are talking about the background of the cover artwork and the sponsoring packages.

To watch episode 1, where Sabine and Lanvall are presenting the project and introduce JIM PETERIK as first guest star please click here.

To watch episode 2, where Lanvall is talking about the orchestra recordings with the "Junge Philharmonie Freistadt" and is introducing the 2nd guest star ARJEN LUCASSEN, the AYREON mastermind, please click here.

To watch episode 3, where Sabine and Lanvall are talking about the background of the name, presenting the crowdfunding campaign and introducing the third guest star KARL GROOM, please click here. 

The album will ONLY be available in our webstore und is entirely financed by crowdfunding!
If you wanna get your name into the booklet of the CD, an exclusive extrasong, the CD with a personal dedication and handsigned, a personal adressed audio message, or call a day with Sabine and Lanvall in their Austrian hometown Linz or in an Austrian skiing resort your own, you can support the campaign here. Your support secures the best possible production of the album "Everflow"!