sexta-feira, abril 25, 2014


PYRAMIDS ON MARS - "Pyramids on Mars"
Pyramids on Mars is the expression of mystery, musical architecture, discovery of self, and reaching for enlightenment. It was the first day of grade 10 at Notre Dame Secondary School, Brampton. Kevin was sitting in his  home room class next to his friend Mike Rose.  Mike had on his portable CD player with a pile of cassette tapes next to him.  He turned to Kevin and said, "Hey Kev, you have to check out this guitar player Joe Satriani.  Here is his latest album Surfing With the Alien.  He is amazing!" Kevin listened to the entire album that day.  He then had an epiphany.  He wanted to play like Joe Satriani. Thus began years of guitar practice and dedication.  In high school, Kevin and his brother Craig (bass guitar) had a band called Deprived Youth and played after school events called  'Coffee House'.  At these events Kevin turned heads playing songs like Ice 9, Hordes of Locusts, One Big Crush,  and Midnight, by Joe Satriani.  They played band wars in Orangeville. He surprised the audience with the beautifully heartfelt song by Steve Vai, For the Love of God.
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