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Clark Colborn Releases Third Video to Promote New EP

New EP Frank Made Me Do It will be released on May 11th.

April 23rd, Rockford, IL – Clark Colborn just released a brand new
promotional video. It's the third in a weekly series to promote his
upcoming EP. The new EP will be titled "Frank Made Me Do It" and is a
tribute to Frank Zappa and his music. It will be released on May 11th,
the 21st anniversary of the release of Zappa's Shut Up 'n Play Yer
Guitar. The new video is promoting a tune called "The Stalker Song."
It showcases parts of the song along with information about it and can
be seen athttp://youtu.be/mwqmyXeTvTU. The first two videos in the
series live athttp://youtu.be/KT-JrOaliJM ("Gimpy the Weasel")
andhttp://youtu.be/NzDqCXzo2YI ("Elephant Hoosegow").

Clark Colborn is an American rock guitarist, composer and recording
artist. Born and raised not far from Chicago, Illinois, he has been a
performing musician most of his life. Not following the beaten path is
in his nature, and it shows in his guitar playing and his song
writing. His adventurous and innovative disposition has made it hard
to pigeon-hole his genre, yet his unique sound has garnered him fans
of every variety. Colborn spent years on the stages of roadhouses &
rock venues throughout the Midwest with bands such as Cheater,
Blackjack, and Sleight of Hand, before stepping fully into the
spotlight as a solo artist.

Over the years Colborn has gotten some great reviews. His first album
had critics saying things like "Listening to the CD takes you back to
the days when Randy Rhodes and Eddie Van Halen turned playing guitar
into an art form" (Gregory Johnson of Beetcafe.com). Michael Molenda,
Editor in Chief, Guitar Player Magazine had this to say about that
same set: "Clark Colborn's fat and massively effected tone comes on
like Godzilla, and it shifts between slinky, silky, scary, spiky, and
searing. ...his brilliantly schizoid technical/primitive approach to
the guitar is pretty exciting. In short, he rocks."

When reviewing his second album at Prognaut.com Chris Erbeck said,
"Clark's guitar prowess is evident. The man plays guitar like a
journeyman. I could hear echoes of the heavier side of 70's prog,a
thread moving throughout that makes me think of Martin Barre on "Thick
as A Brick"." At Wormwood Chronicles, Doctor Abner Mality said, "Clark
Colborn plays guitar. That simple statement sums up a lot. In
fact,Clark doesn't merely play guitar, he attacks it, he soothes it,
he coaxes all manner of sounds from it. The guy is a guitar virtuoso,
but much more tasteful than a mere 'shredder' who makes the instrument
beg for mercy with endless neoclassical arpeggio blasts and brutal

Clark Colborn says this about Zappa: "Frank Zappa's total musical
fearlessness, sense of humor, and sense of absurdity totally
captivated me when I was a teenager, and over the years he has been an
influence on me in so many ways that it is hard to describe." Colborn
goes on to say, "I've never tried to be a clone of Frank or to write
music that sounded like him. I have always tried to be me, and just
let the principles Frank embraced guide me at times when I felt lost.
This has led to musical compositions that didn't really fit with most
of what I do as a solo artist stylistically." When it comes to this
particular project, Colborn says, "I want my fans to hear how he has
influenced me, so I put four of my songs that FZ inspired me to write,
plus a cover of his immortal "My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama"
together on this new EP. They are a little crazy, musically,
lyrically, or both, but it is not my fault, really. Frank made me do

For more information you can check out Clark Colborn on the web
atclarkplaysguitar.com and facebook.com/ClarkColborn. Colborn's music
is available at: iTunes, Google Music, Amazon's MP3 store, CD Baby,
Great Indie Music (http://www.greatindie.com/) and Bandcamp. While
availability of individual items might vary at those locations,
everything is available at Colborn's web

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