terça-feira, abril 01, 2014


ROCKET SCIENTISTS - "Supernatural Highways"
California prog rock team's new instrumental opus, their 6th studio album. After a 6-year hiatus, veteran prog rockers Erik Norlander (keyboards), Mark McCrite (guitars) and Don Schiff (NS/Sticks, cello) return with a powerful re-entry into the atmosphere with Supernatural Highways, a 30-minute all-instrumental deluxe EP that demonstrates the ongoing agility and perpetual motion of this accomplished group of musicians. Centered around the epic 26-minute track, "Traveler on the Supernatural Highways," Rocket Scientists delivers an unexpected chapter in their rich recorded history. The song was originally composed by Norlander to act as a prelude and finale to the album in his usual conceptual style. But the song got longer and longer, and the band wasn't satisfied with any of the attempted edits or truncations. Supernatural Highways concludes with a Rocket Scientists-hotrodded version of the James Bond theme, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service." The band has brought back long-time collaborators, drummer Gregg Bissonette and percussionist Greg Ellis along with Norlander's spouse, symphonic rock vocalist, Lana Lane plus horn players Jon Pappenbrook and Eric Jorgensen to cover the iconic Bond brass parts.
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