terça-feira, abril 01, 2014


ARMONIGHT - "Recover"
Armonight’s first songs were composed during Spring 2006. In that period, Fjord was thinking about giving birth to a studio-project with Jenny (Garuda Kills) as singer. But in a few months, a whole band started being created, letting the guitar player to present his songs live. The first live show where songs as Past Shadows and Into my World were played, took place in the province of Vicenza on 24th February 2007. The band presented itself with the name Elizabeth. Despite the good intentions, the foursome had not a massive luckiness, and at the end of 2007 it was decimated. The only person aimed at keep on playing with a full line-up was the guitar player Lara, who begun playing with Elizabeth in the month of April of the same year. Fjord gave her the duty to look for serious and motivated band members, while he would have worked on the choice of the singer and the composition of new songs. Some months passed by, and in Summer 2008 a new reality started being created with Lara (guitar), Isabel (bass), Ricky (drums) and Irena (voice). Fjord sampled the keys and worked out the second guitar, and in a short time the band was ready to play live again, this time under the name Armonight.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine