quarta-feira, abril 23, 2014


​LATTE E MIELE - "Passio Secundum Mattheum - The Complete Work"
Back in a big way for Latte e Miele, the group that more than any other is that branch of the Italian progressive rock defined "Rock Symphony". And symphonic, almost cinematic, are the atmosphere and the new arrangements with which the Ligurian quartet gave birth to "Passio Secundum Mattheum , the complete work", a remake of the first album, released in 1972, with the addition of 7 new songs and new recited that will be published by the Genoese label Black Widow Records already responsible for the return of the other great Italian prog bands like Delirium, Nuova Idea and Gleemen. A review after a distance of forty years, which gives a new vigor and a new perspective to their work. The songs composed by Oliviero Lacagnina (keyboards) with guitarist Marcello Giancarlo Dellacasa are implemented by the new compositions with texts by Massimo Gori (bass and vocals) and drummer Alfio Vitanza, which alternates in Gori in the vocal parts, joins in mixes with Aldo de Scalzi, co-producer of the project realized in its studios Trancendance. The arches of the Gnu Quartet and the chorus lyric "mixed class " enrich the sound. But the surprises do not end there: to record the recitatives of the Gospel of Matthew were asked some of the biggest names in Italian prog (ALDO DE SCALZI - GIORGIO D' ADAMO - PAOLO GRIGUOLO - SILVANA ALIOTTA - SOPHYA BACCINI – PAOLO CARELLI- ELISA MONTALDO - ALVARO FELLA – MAX MANFREDI - SIMONLUCA - ROBERTO TIRANTI - LINO VAIRETTI) to celebrate as the "first forty years of band history. The album is dedicated to DON GALLO.
Progressive Rock & Progressive Metal - E-Zine