terça-feira, abril 01, 2014

Knight Area New album in september 2014!

New album: "KA5"
Currently we are working on our fifth official studio album. This album will be the successor of our 2011 album "Nine Paths" and will be released by The Laser's Edge. This fifth album is the first with new band members Mark Bogert (Penny's Twisted Flavour) on guitar and Peter Vink (Q65, Finch, The Boxx, Star One, Ayreon) on bass guitar. We finished and recorded the demo tracks last month and sent them to our record label. The release of the yet untitled album is expected September 2014. Besides working the album title we developed some ideas about what the artwork will be. And last but not least there are plans to hit some stages to perform our new album live. We keep you regular informed about the progress at this place by tipping up some veils now and then.

Joost van den Broek finished the mixing the new album
Joost van den Broek just finished the mixing of our new album. Joost van den Broek is a well-known Dutch keyboard player and parted bands like After Forever, Ayreon and Star One. Joost van den Broek also produces many albums (Stream of Passion, After Forever, Epica, Revamp, Sun Caged and many more).

Arjen Lucassen contributes on the new album

We are very proud and happy to confirm that Arjen Lucassen will play on the new album. Arjen Lucassen is worldwide well-known as the man behind Ayreon. Ayreon released eight albums so far. He also featured in the line-up of Bodine, Vengeance, Stream of Passion and Star One. He also released several albums under his own name and is known by the albums of Ambeon and Guilt Machine. In Star One he played together with our bass player Peter Vink.

On our new album Arjen will play some guitar parts on a still untitled instrumental track. More info about Arjen Lucassen is to be found at his own website http://www.arjenlucassen.com/

Knight Area on the web
We decided to increase the number of websites and social media we were present at. But the good news is that you can still find us on:
Official website: http://www.knightarea.com/
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