quarta-feira, abril 23, 2014


​ANTON ROOLAART - "The Plight of Lady Oona"
Anton Roolaart is a Dutch-American solo artist and composer. Early in his childhood he was exposed to classical music from his father, who was a serious music enthusiast. He also grew up listening to classic rock and "progressive rock" bands since the early 70's. He was particularily interested in the music from the likes of Pink Floyd, Bowie, and Yes, just to name a few. After the age of 12, his father had left the family and he grew up with his mother. At the age of 13 he started taking classical guitar lessons after his mother bought him his first classical guitar. After the well received debut Art-Rock album Dreamer in 2007, Anton has come back as an independent artist with an exciting new album entitled The Plight of Lady Oona which features a special guest appearance by Annie Haslam. The tracks were recorded in the US and The Netherlands during the last few years. Anton's music portrays the quintessence of melodic progressive rock accompanied with lush orchestration, and this new release is certain to capture the listener's attention once again. 
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